How To Become A Freelance SEO Content Writer

How To Become A Freelance SEO Content Writer

In the world of search engine optimization, content is king. Content is a crucial component of SEO, regardless of whether you’re authoring web pages, blog posts, or articles.

The demand for SEO content writing has increased as the online industry becomes more saturated than ever. One of the greatest paying careers is SEO writing, which may help you launch as a full-time writer or enhance your income (even for freelancers).

But learning the craft of SEO writing can be challenging, especially for newcomers. Writing for the purpose of writing is not the same thing. It takes some SEO understanding to write for SEO. Everything you require to know about working as an SEO content writer is included in this post.

What Is SEO Content Writing and Why Is It Important 

Generating material for SEO differs from writing content for general audiences. The goal of SEO writing is to provide content that will show up in search engine results as one of the top outcomes.

Simply said, SEO content creation is creating content that increases your website’s visibility in search engines, hence assisting in the generation of organic traffic.

The world is becoming more digital, so you can now quickly locate everything you desire online. The internet is comparable to a huge, crowded market. If a company is not diligent, it is simple to be absorbed by stronger competitors in the market.

Only companies that attract clients frequently will benefit from this global marketplace.

Customers can’t be drawn to someone they can’t see, unfortunately. For this reason, many business owners spend a lot of money to appear in Google’s top search results.

Because of how prominent search engines, particularly Google, are, any result that does not appear on the top page is either regarded as “not important” or “non-existent.” Internet visitors are more likely to visit your website if it is easier for them to find it.

Nowadays, business owners spend a lot of money on SEO content writers due to how vital SEO is. One of the highest-paying jobs is it. Your income rises in accordance with your level of expertise.

What A SEO Content Writer Does

An SEO writer is tasked with conducting research and creating content to increase a website’s online presence. He or she is more in charge of onsite SEO techniques.

Being an expert in SEO requires you to be involved and knowledgeable about current SEO trends. You keep tabs on the SEO’s performance as well. This implies that you are accountable for:

  • Researching topics and phrases relevant to the industry
  • Recognizing the target market for your customer and the user’s search intent
  • Writing, editing, and reviewing in-depth, pertinent, search engine-optimized content
  • Examining and remaining current with a variety of market trends relating to the industry
  • Investigating the content of the competition to gain an advantage in content marketing
  • Rank evaluation
  • Evaluation of content marketing tactics
  • Creating content for the client in a variety of formats, such as eBooks and blog articles
  • Updates and SEO-optimizes already published information

SEO Copywriting Versus SEO Content Writing

The intention or purpose distinguishes copywriting from content writing. They both try to increase your visibility across different search engines.

The goal of SEO content production is to drive visitors to a website. While SEO copywriting is all about boosting your conversion rate and making more purchases.

Knowing that SEO content writing is educational is another important element. It offers a helpful remedy for any issues or pain spots experienced by customers. Each piece of information is helpful and straightforward. 

However, SEO copywriting is more convincing. In order to persuade potential customers to take any action, preferably to make a purchase, it comprises target keywords.

For informational guides like ebooks, blog articles, white papers, long-form content, and case studies, SEO content creation is ideal. Despite the fact that SEO copywriting is the best for all sales channels. including press releases, sales pages, online brochures, product descriptions, landing pages, and content for social media.

How to Launch Your SEO Writing Career

You must start from the beginning if you want to comprehend something completely. This clarifies the idea behind the notion. With SEO, it’s the same.

You must be willing to start from scratch for something as complicated yet not overly complicated as SEO (especially if you are just a beginner).

Understand the Key Terms

Every marketing plan or concept has a set of key phrases. As an SEO writer, you need to be familiar with common SEO terms like:

  • keyword selection
  • keyword density
  • meta description
  • URLs
  • internal and external links
  • anchor text
  • ranking factors 
  • conversation rate
  • search queries
  • organic traffic
  • search engine results page is essential for SEO writers (SERPs)


Understanding how SEO functions and the phrases used should be your first step.

Your mind should be filled with as much information about SEO as you can. You must stay current and obtain the most recent knowledge due to the fact that trends are constantly shifting.

In digital marketing, SEO is a hugely essential but also quite vast subject. Realistically, learning everything in one day is not practical. Even after you have begun your profession as an SEO content writer, you can still learn each one separately.

Recognize the Fundamentals of SEO Writing

Understanding the fundamentals of SEO content writing is the next stage. It involves more writing than usual because you’re not just writing to share content; you’re writing to improve your website’s search engine rankings and draw more visitors.

How much research you do affects how much you understand.

  • Learn to create compelling headlines
  • To identify who you are writing for, do some research on the target audience. Then, do some research on the themes
  • Investigate the relevant terms that your target audience frequently uses
  • Create original material
  • Use appropriate images
  • Learn how to use and understand internal and external links

Write Samples to Test Yourself

The best way to become excellent at anything is to continually put it to use. Although there is a growing need for SEO writers, if you are not qualified, you may not be able to take advantage of the positive outcomes.

To understand how to incorporate keywords, meta descriptions, and links to authoritative sites, practise producing SEO material. Choose a subject related to your selected niche, do your research, and produce useful material on it.

Having samples to offer clients when prospecting is another advantage of practising. The content writing market is becoming increasingly cutthroat. Nobody will simply hire you in that manner. If you claim to be good, you must demonstrate this to others.

Make an Online Portfolio

Your portfolio serves as evidence of your skill. Every seasoned author ought to have an internet portfolio. It is one of the criteria clients use to assess your work and expertise. It’s almost as though you don’t exist without an internet portfolio.

Fortunately, fantastic website tools like WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace make it simple to construct an online portfolio.

Earn a Degree (Bonus Step)

Although a degree is not required to work as an SEO writer, it will seem better on your resume. You ought to think about making writing for SEO your full-time profession. A degree in English, journalism, creative writing, or another similar subject of study is typically required by companies.

Employers are more likely to choose a candidate with a relevant degree and excellent writing skills than a candidate without a degree and excellent writing skills.

Take SEO or digital marketing-focused online courses. At the conclusion of the course term, the majority of these online courses offer degrees. 


Even in a highly sought-after profession like SEO writing, success does not arrive overnight. Getting your first customers could be challenging at first, but you must persevere. Practice will help you become more competent and stronger.

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